Basements and Party Wall Engineering

We are very involved in the construction of retrofit basements, both routine single storey underpinning and deeper piled structures.

Our works falls into 2 categories;
a) The design of new basements for clients
b) The scrutiny of other designers basements for Party Wall Surveyors and neighbours/ residents groups.

Please note we do not act as Party Wall Surveyors but work with most companies so can always recommend someone.

Our work as both designers and Advising Engineers to neighbours is based on our detailed knowledge of the party Wall Etc Act 1996 and we always strive to achieve designs that minimise inconvenince to neighbouring properties as far as is possible.

This advice is provided as part of an industry phrase called “Advising Engineer” as defined by a guidance note published by the Party Wall Surveyors club, the Pyramus and Thisbe club (P and T club).

Most of this advisory work concerns foundation and excavation works such as basements or piling. Demolition and temporary support structures and builders method statements are frequently considered. Our role is also important when additional loads on buildings are involved such as when large beams are inserted or when walls are raised higher.

The role of the Advising Engineer is not like a checking engineer under the Building Regulations but instead is to check that the proposed works are in accordance with the Party Wall Legislation; principally to allow safe and sensible development providing it does not unreasonably prejudice the neighbour (called the Adjoining Owner) both at the time of the works and in the future.

See news item for November 2011 Moot regarding Basements and Special Foundations and see ‘technical‘ for various papers and guidance notes.

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